Book an Airport Hotel & Relax in Stress-Free Comfort Before You Fly

You save for it all year, so going on holiday should be as stress free as possible and having to get up early & go through all the hassle of getting to the transit from heathrow to Gatwick can be a real pain. It’s the same when you land back late at night and you can’t face the journey back home, especially if public transport isn’t even running!

Cheaper flights are often at unsociable hours, or you may have been on a long flight, when it can be dangerous to then drive whilst tired. There is a solution! Book an airport hotel. Using a hotel at the airport (especially if you have an early or late flight) can make a huge difference to your travelling experience.

Don’t want to catch a transfer bus? Then order valet parking instead and someone will meet you at the airport and park your car for you – what could be easier? If you have an early start and you live a little distance from the airport why not extend your vacation and start it a night earlier in luxurious surroundings.

Airport hotels vary dramatically in size, style and price. There is everything from 5* luxury through to budget B&B’s, hotels with walkways straight into the terminal or those that have a shuttle bus transfer to reach check in. There are also hotels more geared to business travellers and those for leisure. Whether you are choosing a hotel for the first or last night of your holiday, you need to decide the following:

Airport Hotels are the best way to start your break if you have an early morning flight or late night return & there are a range of packages all designed to meet your needs; be it a business trip, a family holiday or just somewhere to rest your head.

Pre-book your stay and save money! You can also book an airport hotel WITH parking for a convenient, complete package which often costs less than parking alone!

To get your holiday off to a stress free, relaxing start, book a complete package that will provide you with a night’s stay in a comfortable and friendly hotel and will also give you the choice of on-site and secured parking, along with transfers to and from the airport! An airport hotel with parking is perhaps the most convenient and stress free way of embarking on your trip.

On site parking at the hotel provides the easiest and quickest route to the airport whereas parking your car at a secured car park will give you greater peace of mind. For a more luxurious start to your break, try a hotel with Meet and Greet parking. Have your car delivered back to you at the airport for a speedy getaway after your travels.

Late back from your holiday? Then stay at an airport hotel on your return and enjoy that last night of freedom before heading back to the real world. Before booking your airport parking you first need to decide on a few personal priorities which ultimately will be a balance between price and convenience.

Book an Airport Hotel & Relax in Stress-Free Comfort Before You Fly

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